No iOS/Android app?

Not yet! I'm currently working on an iOS version... But until then Evertrainer is very-optimized to work well on mobile devices.

Who is Evertrainer for?

Evertrainer is for anyone who wants to build and track gym workouts! It is designed with functionality for personal trainers to build their client's programs, but really anyone can use it to build their workouts.

Why did you build Evertrainer?

As a personal trainer myself, I've tried pretty much every workout builder out there. None of them had all the features I wanted with the ease-of-use I needed to stay on top of my clients programs.

How can I get in contact?

There's a few ways, all of them are fine. Take your pick:
Or, of course, you can just use the chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

What's next for Evertrainer?

I'm still working tirelessly on Evertrainer to make it better every day. Here's some of what I'm either working on currently or have planned for the near future:
  • Publicly shareable programs — simply generate a link and share it so others can see/use your program
  • Exercise library improvements, including demonstrations of exercises
  • iOS app
  • ... And of course, general bux-fixes and useability improvements
If you have any suggestions for what I should work on, I'd love to hear it, send me ideas: